Beginner Piano Lessons

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Cheryl offers Music and Piano lessons for beginners. Her emphasis is placed on learning the rudiments of basic music theory. Any future music learning on any instrument will rest well on that foundation.

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There have been horror stories of Music Teachers who led students to dislike music learning. Cheryl experienced one of the most inspirational persons in her High School Music Teacher, Marguerite Vernon, and strives to emulate her example. Cheryl believes in being a friend and mentor to her students, always with primary respect for parental authority as regards her younger pupils.

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Cheryl’s students grow to love her though she demands much of them and encourages them to push beyond their perceived limitations. Her teaching methods encourage an understanding of the fundamental rules rather than learning by rote. In this way, she hopes that students may be freed to manipulate the musical elements and create from their own unique perspectives, developing music that expresses their core selves. Interactions with her students result in evident impact, influencing other areas of their lives in positive ways.

Recently Cheryl’s youngest student at seven years, with less than thirty lessons, placed third in her national talent competition. ┬áThis was due in no small part to Cheryl’s dedication to her student’s success and her student’s responsiveness to encouraging motivation, despite the challenge.

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Come… learn to find, unlock and love the music within you!
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