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I am so, so tempted to do what musicians often do and camp around the current project… but there’s too much to get done, so I’m going to move on.  What’s next?  Well the immediate next is a secret.  But of the project that will follow, that I can tell you….  I will record a Worship EP of my favorite, private, morning worship songs to share with you.  It will be just a few cherished favorites; I do hope you will look forward to sharing them with Him as I do.  Blessings till then!

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“Cheryl …in Hymns” has been released.  Get your copy now!!

For my next recording, I am producing a collection of favored hymns with pseudo-contemporary stylings.  So far, this project is going very well, even though, as usual for most artistes, we are woefully behind schedule!

You may have read that I have a familial legacy of strong roots in the Church.  Well, one of my favorite aspects of church is reading the rich lyrical content of those wonderfully poetic hymns.  As a lyricist I place great value on a great turn of phrase and the majesty in many hymns is a testament to their lyrical gifting.

In tribute, I am defying conventional wisdom to produce this collective as I am convinced that we often assume that because we know a song, we have heard it.   So not true.  I invite us all to listen again… when my collective is complete.  Watch this space!


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  1. NICKY says:

    I really enjoyed the performance. It was a great mix of traditional hymns and contemporary gospel.Loved the songs with the island flavour.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks, Nicky! It’s always great to have you in the audience.

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