Cheryl …at WIN Expo December 4, 2014

The 2014 Series of WIN Business Expo and Networking Events will close out the year on Thursday, December 4, 7-11pm, at the JFK Hilton, Queens, NY.  I have again been invited to delight the senses with a little of this and a little of that, from Jazz and Classic R&B to Caribbean Folk as well as Inspirational melodies.

If you missed all previous opportunities, this is the perfect chance to close the year on a great note.  You will also have the chance to have your greetings recorded for later broadcast to family and friends near and far as CTVN will be on hand, busily videotaping these voluntary greetings for broadcast during the Christmas season.  So be sure to come on out, enjoy the networking, displays, great products and food; then share your season’s greetings with family and friends.  Of course there will also be wonderful music for all to enjoy!!

See you there!


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  1. Janet says:

    I never thought jazz and inspirational/gospel music could be combined so well…without losing the traditional feel of one or the other… Love it!

  2. Ashanti Panagea says:

    Lovely, melodic, spiritually influential

    1. Asia says:

      Different (in a good way) from what I’m used to.

  3. Ibrahim says:

    Intriguing & Inspiring

    1. Isabelle - The Diabetes Diva says:

      Very entertaining – Sophisticated, Beautiful

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