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Music for your event – Concert, Wedding, Soiree $1,200
Background Cabaret Music for your Banquet or other Formal Event $1,200 & up
Music for your venue –Supper Club, Restaurant, Café, etc. - Call for Quote
Music for your Church Event - Call for Quote!
Voice over audio - Click here for details
Studio vocals – lead, background, harmony: C3 – A5  -  (Use details below)
Musical arrangements - Call for Quote
Church Pianist, Choir or Musical Group Director - Call for Quote
Commissioned music, tailored for your specific theme, event and/or mission - Use Custom Info
Advertising jingles and other commercial music - Click here for details
Composing for Film & Television - Click here for details)
Therapeutic & Recreational music for your senior or rehabilitation group - Call for Quote

Voice Over/Audio Rates

Radio Commercial Rate Card

The Local Radio Market

  • Small Market (e.g. one town on Long Island) – $50 to $200
  • Large Market (e.g. Boston or New York City) – $150 to $400

The Regional Radio Market

  • $200 to $500

The National Radio Market

  • $500 to $1,000

Tags (5 to 10 seconds)*

  • Local – $25 to $100
  • Regional – $75 to $200
  • National – $100 to $300

* Note: Payment for one tag is included with the payment for a spot. HOWEVER if multiple tags are recorded along with a single spot, per Industry practice, payment shall be required “per tag” for all additional tags.


  • If multiple spots are recorded in one session, payment shall be required separately for EACH spot.
  • An “unlimited buy-out” or “one-year buy-out” may be negotiated.




Advertising Jingles

Service Local Campaigns Regional & National Campaigns
Composing and/or Designing an Advertising Jingle US$4,950 & above plus 1% Deferred Compensation $7,500 & above plus 0.2% Deferred Compensation
Post-Scoring – adding words OR music (after filming) US$1,500 & above plus 1% Deferred Compensation $2,500 & above plus 0.2% Deferred Compensation
Composing as Work For Hire US$50,000 & above US$75,000 & above



Studio Vocals

$250 for the first vocal track.
$50 for each additional backing vocal for
the same song.

This price also includes one free modification.
Additional modifications are $50 each.

* Vocals that exceed 5 minutes in length will be subject to additional length fees.


Composing for Film & Television

Composing for Film                                                                                         – US$10,000 & above plus #Deferred Compensation

Composing for Television                                                                               – US$4,950 & above plus #Deferred Compensation

#  Deferred compensation to be negotiated

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