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Cheryl is an award-winning songwriter who has composed commissioned music for various purposes including recordings, weddings and theatrical productions.  Her gift for utilizing various rhythms and combining musical styles with intriguing synergy has led to her compositions being used in music seminars  internationally,
from the Caribbean to the African continent.

For that very special occasion…
Commemorate your event with a big splash!

Ask Cheryl to have a song uniquely created song in its honor.

For that special someone…
Make the grand gesture!
Let Cheryl capture your personal thoughts and/or experiences for posterity
in magical song!

For your commercial enterprise…
Whether it’s a Product Launch, Company Anniversary or Motivational Meeting,
Cheryl can help you use music to deliver exponentially greater impact on the psyche
than any other medium.

For your Custom Song Order, we will deliver to you:
~ a lyric sheet in stately calligraphy
~ 5 CD copies of a recorded performance of the song

Please outline any additional requirements in the information panel below.

Personal Custom Song* – $2,450
Commercial Custom Song* – $4950 + 1% points
Commercial Custom Song* (Work For Hire) – $50,000


* At stated Fees, Cheryl will retain Publisher rights to Personal Custom Songs
 and all Commercial Custom Songs not subject to a Work For Hire Agreement.  
Copyright Holder shall be entitled to the Industry standard rates 
(currently US$0.091) for each reproduction or copy of each song.


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