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Chatting with Cheryl…

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On the road again…. You may have seen my recent buzz of tweets and photo posts. Those were from my recent trip to the not-so-wild-anymore West to share music at a Roaring Twenties themed Valentine Dinner with our friends at the Cross Creek Church in Lebanon, Missouri. We had a fabulous time! The evening’s festivities [...]

Latest projects

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I am so, so tempted to do what musicians often do and camp around the current project… but there’s too much to get done, so I’m going to move on.  What’s next?  Well the immediate next is a secret.  But of the project that will follow, that I can tell you….  I will record a [...]

A little more about me…


I have had a love affair with music from the very beginning. Back in my native Jamaica, in the quiet enclave of Giddy Hall, in beautifully verdant St. Elizabeth, I loved to enthrall the countryside with spontaneous song, oft from a perch in our favorite yellow Poui tree.  There I found an unparalleled depth of self-expression in [...]

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